Wild Atlantic Shrimp from Mayport, Florida. Photo by Sarah Cervone

Wild Atlantic Shrimp from Mayport, Florida. Photo by Sarah Cervone

Looking for great local seafood? We have it. We travel throughout Florida to procure the freshest and highest quality wild fish and shellfish that Florida has to offer.

Depending on the season, we can source fresh Florida seafood and freshwater fish by customer’s request. Some commonly available fish include: amberjack, blue crab, bluefish, catfish, clams, flounder, golden tilefish, grouper, king mackerel, mahi-mahi, mullet, oysters, pompano, rock shrimp, scallops, sheepshead, shrimp, snapper, Spanish mackerel, spiny lobster, stone crab claws, swordfish, locally farmed tilapia, triggerfish and yellowfin tuna.

2017 Pricelist (subject to change)

Smoked Mullet: Straight from a small southwest Florida fishing town called Cortez, our mullet is smoked to perfection in a HAACP facilty and vacuum-sealed to maintain long-term freshness. $10 lb or $69.95 for a 10lb box.

Wild Atlantic Shrimp: From the docks of  Mayport, Florida (near Jacksonville), our wild Atlantic shrimp are IQF (Instant Quick Freeze) on the shrimp boat as they are pulled from the water – they NEVER contain sulfites. Prices are subject to change according to seasonal seafood market fluctuations. Head on Jumbo shrimp (white or rock): $12lb or $49 for 5lb. Quantity discount on 50lb box.

Smoked Wahoo: From deep Atlantic waters and wood-smoked to perfection. Boneless Fillets: $15.99 per pound.

Seasonal Specialty Items:

Smoked Wild Alaskan Salmon: $2 oz ♦ Red Mullet Roe $1 oz ♥ St. Augustine Oyster bushels (market price)

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