Grassfed Meat

Certified grassfed steaks and burger come from Angus beef and water buffalo raised without antibiotics or hormones on open pastures in Hawthorne, Florida.

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Truly Wild Hog

Sausage, chops, ribs, and roasts come from truly wild hogs trapped in Alachua County, Florida and transported live to a U.S.D.A facility for inspection and processing.

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Wild Seafood

Wild Atlantic shrimp, smoked mullet, smoked wahoo, oysters and more come straight from the docks of Mayport, Florida. Smoked Alaskan salmon and Arctic char are available on request.

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The Jones is getting hog-noxious!

IMG_1698Why do we love The Jones restaurant? Because they are the only place in town offering WILD HOG HEAD CHEESE on the menu! Join us Tuesday evening for a taste of one of the finest delicacies wild hog has to offer. Trapped in Alachua County, USDA-inspected in Lake City, and transformed into culinary magic in Gainesville. Folks, it doesnt get much better than this! 203 SW 2nd Ave, Gainesville, FL