Grassfed Meat

Certified grassfed steaks and burger come from Angus beef and water buffalo raised without antibiotics or hormones on open pastures in Hawthorne, Florida.

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Truly Wild Hog

Sausage, chops, ribs, and roasts come from truly wild hogs trapped in Alachua County, Florida and transported live to a U.S.D.A facility for inspection and processing.

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Wild Seafood

Wild Atlantic shrimp, smoked mullet, smoked wahoo, oysters and more come straight from the docks of Mayport, Florida. Smoked Alaskan salmon and Arctic char are available on request.

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Certified Grassfed Beef is on sale today only!

10915279_10153171570887743_8976999990622806601_nIn light of the widespread misrepresentation of grassfed beef in local markets, our Grassfed Beef is now officially U.S.D.A Certified as 100% ALL Grassfed. To celebrate, we are offering $1 off per pound on all our grassfed steaks at the Union Street Farmers Market. Our all grassfed meat cuts, bones and burger  come from two-year old Angus steers and water buffalo raised on 5,500 acres of pristine, old Florida habitat in Hawthorn, FL. Family-owned and operated, the certified grassfed ranch has been raising hormone-free cattle on pesticide-free pastures for more than 50 years. All  of our grassfed meat is processed in a USDA inspected facility. You can find our grassfed meat at Ward’s Supermarket, the Jones Restaurant, and the Union St. Market in downtown Gainesville. And a special thanks to our customer, Claudia, for sharing such a beautiful image of a Wild Man Ribeye on her plate!