Pastured Meat


Wild Man Foods Ribeye Steak. Photo taken by WMF customer Claudia Silva Santisteban Villanueva

Our 100% U.S.D.A. certified grassfed meat cuts, bones and burger come from two-year old Angus steers and water buffalo raised on 5,500 acres of pristine, old Florida habitat in Hawthorne, Florida. Family-owned and operated, we lease pasture form a certified grassfed ranch that has been raising hormone-free cattle on pesticide-free pastures for more than 50 years.  The cattle spend their entire lives together as a herd grazing on open air pastures. You can find Wild Man Foods grassfed meat at the Union St. Market every Wednesday from 4-7 in Downtown Gainesville and at the Hawthorne Community Market in 301 in Hawthorne on Saturdays. For more information on grassfed beef, review the Consumer’s Guide to Grassfed Beef . U.S.D.A cooking guidelines for beef cuts recommend 145 ºF and a three-minute rest time.

2018 Pricelist (subject to change)

Burger: $10 lb or $50 for 10lb tubesquare_up_logo_footer

Bones: Soup $5 lb, Marrow (canoe-cut) $12lb, Ligament $9 lb ♥

Steaks: Porterhouse, T-bone, and Rib Steaks: $17 lb   Sirloin: $15 lb  NY Strip: $19 lb   Fillet Mignon: $24 lb   Short Ribs: $11.99 lb Brisket $12lb   Roasts: $7.99-16.99lb

Organs: Liver: $7lb or $50 for 10lbs

Buy in Bulk and save on our wholesale pricing via the Square link above.

Grassfed Cow and Water Buffalo Shares

water buffallo

Water buffalo in Hawthorne, Florida

Cow/Water Buffalo Shares provide an opportunity to purchase certified grassfed beef or water buffalo at a reduced price by buying in bulk.  Customers can purchase a whole steer or partner with another customer and split the cow/buffalo into two sides, or ‘half-shares.’  After a deposit is placed, we transport the steer to a butchering facility free of charge. The customer completes a butchering order that specifies ‘hang time’ (the amount of time the meat is aged before it is cut and packaged), cut order (burger, steaks, etc) and packaging (vacuum-sealed or paper). Please make a special notation regarding organs, tongue and tail). Half-share customers complete separate orders for their respective sides. Customers are responsible for paying processing fees directly to the butcher and for picking up the packaged meat when it is ready.

Costs: The grassfed steer are sold at $4.95/lb hanging weight (the weight of the sides of meat and bone after dressing) – this provides a more accurate account of the actual amount of meat received by the end customer. Hang weight is usually 60% of the animals live weight, and this can vary seasonally. The butcher will determine the hang weight; previous whole shares have fallen into the range of . Customers are also responsible for paying the processing fees to the butcher when the meat is picked up. Butcher fees usually include a kill fee plus price per pound of the hanging weight – this can amount to up to $.75 – $1.00 per pound hang weight depending on the specifications in the processing order. Please confirm butchering rates at the time you place your order. 

Butchering Orders:  South Marion Meats in Ocala, Chiefland Meats in Chiefland, Mobleys in Live Oak, and Ft. McCoy Processing in Ft. McCoy.

Please note:

  • Share deposits are non-refundable.
  • Half-share customers split the cost of the kill fee, and complete separate processing orders to specify hang time, cut and packaging of their side.
  • Customers purchasing a whole cow can select the butcher for processing; processing location for half shares is at the discretion of Wild Man Foods.
  • Customers accept all responsibility for communicating the processing order to the butcher and for paying all processing fees directly to the butcher. Any problems or issues associated with processing will be between the buyer and the butcher.
  • We are happy to assist customers in completing the processing order.

To order, please contact us in advance to determine the size and date of the next available steer. Then visit the Square link below to submit a non-refundable deposit for a full ($800 deposit) or half ($500 deposit) share. (Please note that there is a 2.75% fee for credit card payments. We also accept checks and cash without credit card fees.) After the animal has been delivered to the butcher and the hang weight has been determined by the butcher, we will send you an electronic invoice for the remaining balance. Customers must submit the balance via credit card through the electronic invoice (2.7% fee) or by cash or check at the Farmers Market within one week of the delivery date and prior to picking up packaged meat from the butcher. Customers pay the butcher for processing at the time of pick up. Please note that some butchers are keen to add a ‘storage fee’ for meat that is not picked up in a timely manner (within one week).

Water Buffalo

A limited quantity of all grassfed water buffalo is now available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Customers can purchase online via the Square link below and pick up the order at either the Union Street Farmers Market in Gainesville (Wednesdays, Bo Diddley Plaza 4-7) or the 435 South Main Market (Thursdays & Fridays 11-4). Sizes vary on steaks and cuts, therefore final prices are subject to change based on final weight at time of purchase. Please be sure to specify pick-up location to ensure your order is ready.