The Protapod

page17_6The PROTAPOD™ is a 4 Foot Commercial Bioconversion System designed to meet the needs of large-scale production activities such as municipal recycling services, domestic animal facilities, food service companies and other high-waste industries. The unit is designed to the perform same expedient conversion of bio-waste and as the residential biopod, but on an enormous capacity that allows greater volume of processing waste. An angled 30˚ migration ramps allow for natural migration and auto-separation of mature BSF grubs. The exit chute at the top of ramps enables grubs to auto-collect into any receptacle for simple and fast harvesting. Durable, heavy duty construction ensures long life span and multi-year use. The open style system maximizes air flow maintaining aerobic conditions throughout, and a powder-coated metal base stand (coating not pictured) provides elevated, convenient placement on most surfaces. The ridged, channelized bottom prevents pooling of liquids, and permits passive drainage of effluent that is diverted into 1 of 3 clear liquid collection receptacles. For more information, review the ProtaPod User’s Manual 2014.

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SPECIFICATIONS: 44″ top and 34″ bottom diameters, overall body height of 26.4″, empty unit weighs 25.1 lbs (with stand = 36.6 lbs), Digestion Rate = 9.5 kg or 21 lbs / day (based on 1/2 full unit), functional capacity of 4 times the 2 Ft Residential BioPod™, 15-20% bioconversion rate of food scraps into grubs, Outside diameter (OD) of external chute is 4.1 cm or 1 9/16 in, metal stand is 11.5 lbs (5.2 kg) with square dimensions of 780 mm x 780 mm, stand height is 13 3/4″ (315 mm leg length), Unit *must* be sheltered from direct sunlight and precipitation

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Food Waste Management for Sanctioned Events: Concerts, Zero Waste Shows, Festivals,  Ecological Symposiums, Farmers Markets, Conventions / Expositions

Waste Management for Municipalities & Governments: Road Kill Disposal, Animal Clinics and Shelters, Pet Waste Management, Food Scrap Diversion Studies, Residential Subsidy Programs (2 Foot Units), Food Waste Reduction Programs

Waste Management for Facilities with Cafeterias:  Campgrounds, Retreats, Bed & Breakfast, Correctional Institutions, Schools, Daycare, Corporate Centers, Cooperatives,  Museums

Food Waste Applications: Food Processing Plants, Grocery & Health Food Stores, CSA / Small Farms, Community Associations,  Condo / Apartment Complexes

Animal Waste Stream Uses: Veterinarians, Animal Rehab Centers, Wildlife Shelters, Slaughter Houses, Manure Management, Poultry Farms, Hog Rearing Facilities, Cattle Operations, Zoos / Captive Breeding Facilities, Other Domesticated Animals

Educational Opportunities: K-8 Curricula, School Vegetable Gardens, High School Science Programs, University Research Studies


Pupae / Prepupae / Mature Grubs: 1. Fish, Poultry, Crawfish, Bullfrog – Direct Food, 2. Conversion into Constituents via Rendering, 3. Bio-Diesel from lipids, 4. Pet Industry – Live or Dried Foods, 5. Live Bait for angler community, 6. Bird Feeders / Wildlife Food, 7. Chitin and Chitosan source

Juveniles / Mixed Instars: 1. Fish food, 2. Pet food, 3. Starter Colonies

Liquid Effluent / Tea: 1. Bio-attractant for BSF adult females, 2. Repellent for Filth Flies, 3. Combination with Zeolite, 4. Dilution into a Liquid Fertilizer Compost / Black Friable Residue, 5. Component of Soil Amendment, 6. Vermiculture – Transformation into Worm Castings