The Biopod

biopod_2_enlargedTHE BIOPOD™ Food Waste Composter & Grub Grower recycles your meat and vegetable scraps using free and nutritious Black Soldier Fly larvaeLike composting with vermiculture (earth worms), biopods use beneficial organisms to break down waste while producing valuable finished products such as live grubs, black rriable compost residue, and liquid tea concentrate. While most compost bins can take up to 12 months to break down waste, the BioPod can convert your food scraps into garden ready compost in as little as 1-2 days and convert up to five daily pounds of meat, vegetables, manure and even pet feces into garden ready compost and auto-harvesting grubs that are nutritious for birds, fish, and reptiles. The Biopod relies on the bioconversion activities of the Black Soldier Fly Larva, Hermetia illucens. Unlike common houseflies, Black Soldier flies are harmless to humans and the actively feeding grubs secrete a natural fly repellant called a synomone (interspecies chemical communication) that repels germ-spreading houseflies from compost and the larvae readily eat any remaining maggots. They do not bite, sting, or annoy bystanders. The rapid conversion of waste limits foul smells emitted from composting material – even meat. Throughout human history, Black Soldier Flies have played a key role in improving public health and safety by expediting the decomposition of human waste in outhouses and outdoor latrines. In addition, the larvae are a nutrient-dense source of calcium and other essential vitamins for wildlife, pets, and even humans. Before they pupate, the larvae self-separate by migrating up and out of the composting material. The Biopod is specially designed to guide the migrating grubs into an escape-free container where the dry-to-the touch and harmless larvae can be collected. For more info, see The Biopod Plus User Guide.

  • Uses for Black Soldier Fly Larvae: 1. Bird & Wildlife Feeders (omnivore and carnivore species), 2. Reptile / Amphibian Food (Herps), 3. Fishing Bait (hooked in rear), 4. Small-scale Aquaculture / Aquaponics, 5. Aquariums / Koi Ponds / Aquaponics – Live Food, 6. Backyard Chickens / Poultry Feed, 7. Creation of Starter Colonies, 8. Beneficial Addition to Mixed Waste Compost Piles
  • Uses for Friable Black Compost: 1. Gardening Amendments, 2. Custom Soil Blends, 3. Vermiculture / Worm Bin Food, 4. Indoor Houseplant Additive
  • Uses for Liquid Tea: 1. Natural Filth Fly Repellent, 2. Female Attractant for Restarting Colony, 3. Liquid Plant Fertilizer (dilute 20:1)
  • Soil Ammendment: Bioconversion generates a friable compost that may be added directly to the garden or used as worm bin food to expedite casting. The family-friendly system offers children an education in sustainability, the cycle of life, entomology, and organic gardening while simultaneously reducing the carbon footprint associated with food waste and landfill methane production.

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