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Hampton, the first Feral Foods adoption!

Hampton, the first Feral Foods adoption by Hailes Angels Animal Rescue!

Our sister company, Feral Foods LLC, offers a special line of local, fresh and nutritious pet treats prepared specifically for cats, dogs and other companion animals. The ingredients are created from the same local, wild or grassfed animal products Wild Man Foods offers for human consumption. Most commercially available pet foods lack ingredients such as raw fats, fiber, raw protein, and probiotics that are essential to pet health and nutrition, and the nutrient-poor / high starch commercial pet foods are contributing to chronic diet-related illnesses in pets such as obesity, diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, food allergies, and tooth decay. In addition, it is not unusual for manufacturers to recall commercial pets foods distributed throughout the United States; For information on current pet food recalls, visit the FDA’s Animal & Veterinary Recalls and Withdrawals Webpage. Feral Foods was created to assist animal caretakers in creating a healthier, paleo pet, menu that more closely resembles the ancestral diet animals need for optimum health and nutrition.

10% percent of the profits generated by Feral Foods is donated to local Pet Rescue Agencies to cover the cost of adoption at local animal shelters.

Please note that dogs and cats need a specialized diet to meet their unique dietary needs, and this makes it important to research recipes that are nutritionally adequate before converting to a Paleopet diet. Feral Foods are pet ‘treats’ because they have not been nutritionally analyzed to meet the recommended daily allowance needed to serve as a sole food ration.

The following products are currently available at the Union St. Farmers Market and The Citizen’s Co-op.


Paleo Dog Diet Made Easy

Paleo Cat Diet Made Easy

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