Grassfed Meat

Certified grassfed steaks and burger come from Angus beef and water buffalo raised without antibiotics or hormones on open pastures in Hawthorne, Florida.

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Truly Wild Hog

Sausage, chops, ribs, and roasts come from truly wild hogs trapped in Alachua County, Florida and transported live to a U.S.D.A facility for inspection and processing.

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Wild Seafood

Wild Atlantic shrimp, smoked mullet, smoked wahoo, oysters and more come straight from the docks of Mayport, Florida. Smoked Alaskan salmon and Arctic char are available on request.

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Water Buffalo – limited quantity available


Water Buffalo is FINALLY here!! We have a limited quantity of meat available from a young bull who was pasture-raised year-round without antibiotics nor hormones in Hawthorne, Florida. To order in advance, visit our online store to pre-pay and pick up your order at either the Union Street Farmers Market in Gainesville on Wednesdays (4-7) or the Hawthorne Community Market on Saturdays (noon-4). Steaks and cut prices are based on one-pound increments, yet weights will vary; prices subject to change based on the actual weight of the final product. Visit the webpage to order: